Building in Snow

Besides snowfall, there are other issues facing the prospective homeowner during winter. One such issue is the cold and how it will impact construction. Frost cannot be let into the ground before the foundation is completed as this will lead to settling issues once the ground warms up. In such cases, heaters or thermal blankets may need to be used to keep the ground warm enough for construction purposes. Workers may need heating in order to keep working as well. An experienced building contractor, such as Devigne Developing, can plan ahead and be prepared for such contingencies.

Other factors impacting home construction during winter are the shortened days and the difficulties getting equipment and material to the construction site. The days are shorter in winter, which means less hours for ideal working conditions. This may stretch the time needed for projects to be finished. Icy roads and snow can cause road closures or hamper the availability of materials needed. This is where having a licensed building professional, such as Devigne Developing, at your disposal is incredibly important. Such contractors have quite a bit of experience in dealing with the challenges presented at this time of year, and they can prepare and plan for any interruptions that may occur by taking those factors into account. They will show the homeowner a realistic schedule with built-in contingency options and thoroughly discuss it so that there are no misunderstandings later on. A competent contractor can also dispel many of the myths that surround building in the winter months, such as the mistaken belief that the concrete additives used for winter pouring make the concrete weaker.

The reality is that each season has their challenges for home construction, but it is true that winter is the harshest season. Yet, as Jules DeVigne of Devigne Developing notes, "Any challenges presented by building during winter can be anticipated and planned for in advance. Allowances will be made for the possibility of events outside the control of any contractor and are fully explained to the client so as they will always know what's going on. We have a great deal of experience in construction during the winter months, so we're quite able to deal with the shifting circumstances that are in play during that time of year. Whether it's a cold snap or a main thoroughfare suddenly closing, we have the experience and capability to meet such situations and overcome them in order to build the dream homes our clients' desire." (3)

Building a home during winter can present some unique challenges. However, the same philosophy of proper planning and execution that is used throughout the year by an experienced building contractor, such as Devigne Developing, will meet and overcome those challenges. There are also some silver linings for winter construction. Permits may be obtained quicker due to less traffic at government agencies, and it's far easier to continue working in a light snowfall as opposed to rain. With these known facts, there is no reason to let winter deter you from starting that building project.

3) Quote from Jules DeVigne of Devigne Developing