Green Building

We Think Green. We Build Green. Devigne Developing is Committed To Our Environment.

Green building means developing and implementing cost effective and sustainable solutions that add value to our projects. This can translate into higher return-on-investment using construction methods and materials that reduce the project's environmental footprint. That's what thinking green is all about at Devigne.

Devigne is committed to making the construction industry, and the bottom line, more green. We strive to meet the needs of today's world without jeopardizing the needs of the world of tomorrow. Every project has its own special conditions, each creating new challenges and opportunities. Buildings and other structures consume enormous quantities of natural resources during construction and operational phases. Whether it is concrete for the structure or fossil fuel to provide energy, environmental aspects play an important role in all project investments throughout the entire life cycle.

We are a certified Energy Star builder.


Social Responsibilities

We are also committed to our social responsibilities. We operate with the highest standards in terms of labor practices, human rights, impacts on society and project responsibility. Construction is a high-risk job and our most important objective is to ensure that all Devigne employees return home safe and sound.